We understand that every pet has different needs, so we tailor our care services to meet them.

Our consultations are designed so that we can get to know one another, ensuring that we meet with the needs of both you and your pet. Animals have personalities just as we do. It is important that we understand how your pet behaves in your company so we can maintain consistency and simulate what is familiar to them, winning their confidence and friendship.


 HRH Puppy Kindergarten Classes

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and wonderful time, we’d like to help your puppy become a well mannered member of your family.  Puppy owners who take our Puppy Kindergarten have a more satisfying long-term dog owning experience because they, and their puppy, learnt the skills they needed to start out on the right paw together.  Puppy kindergarten teaches you the skills to have fun with your new dog, not frustration.

HRH Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies from 2 months upwards. We offer off leash play time socialization with this comprehensive class for those new to dog ownership and experienced owners.  Topics include sit, down, stay, touch, watch, leash handling, recalls, mouthing, biting, stealing, jumping, potty training, heeling, basic health checks, grooming, feeding, barking, leadership, and much more.

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